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Independent School Websites

Responsive mobile-first designs that integrate seamlessly with our school-wide information system!

Database System Modules

With 15 modules and more on the way, managing the data "from birth to bequest" has never been easier!

Data System Integrations

Since we can't possibly do it all – though we'd certainly like to try – we are happy to integrate other popular systems!

We are Jerry and Jeffrey Joseph. We are brothers. We are Pixels & Digits Solutions, Inc. and we are not your typical school software and website design company. We do not work for schools, we work with the people who run schools. We have never used a support ticket system and we never will. We maintain daily contact with the folks we work with and we are always available to chat by phone, email, text and video to help with any issues as they arise.

Our simple promise is this : our systems will work and your data and media will be secure, correct and easily accessible to you at all times. If for any reason something goes awry – a glitch, a data anomaly, a sticky wicket – we will fix it, right away and without fail. And if you ever need someone to blame - it's Jerry's fault (Jeff wrote this).

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